Taunus V8 emblem, real steel!

€ 79,00 € 64,00
Gross weight 0,10 Kg

Some crazy people replace their original Taunus engine with a big V8. For those we can now offer a V8 hood emblem, to replace the original V6 or V4 emblem.

Size and shape is like original, and it has to mounting pins on the backside just like original.

And they are made of steel, using 3d printing technique. Not plastic! This makes it even more sophisticated and special.

But also when you have a V4 of V6 and you are dreaming of a V8 under the hood, then this emblem might be your first step for your conversion!

The emblem looks also good place on the glove box door.


Only for sale at Taunusparts.com

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