Front panel, galvanized!

€ 1.450,00 € 850,00

Front panel P5, galvanized. Better then new. 

Galvanizing is the best rustproofing you can get. Some 40 years ago Audi started galvanizing their bodies followed by almost all other car manufacturers. Since then rust is no issue more on older cars. My own daily driver (yes a Toyota) is 18 years old and still no signs of rust. Compare that to the Peugeot 504 I bought long time ago, it was only six years old, but rotten already and it ended up at the scrapyard only a couple of years later.  

Will ship worldwide, but E-mail me before buying so that I can calculate exact shipping costs. Part will be shipped from Germany (north). Shippimg will be around 90 euro to most EU countrys.

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