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Fan shroud Fan shroud, rust was removed, then new qualty primer and…
€ 149,00
Handbrake mechanism Handbrake mechanism. I know you want it!
€ 69,00
Offenhauser Manifold for Ford V6 2.8l, unique! Offenhauser manifold for Ford V6 2.8l motor with USA…
€ 555,00
p7 Doorpanels, 4door, brown, very good, undamaged. Doorpanels, very good, undamaged. Out of a 70.000 km 4door…
€ 89,00
Rubber floor mats, brown. Rubber floor mats, good condition.
€ 69,00
P7 Sheet metal package. Very rare P7 panels out of a 70.000 km 4 door for sale. 1…
€ 99.999,00
Grille P7, very good. Grille P7, very good.
€ 59,00
Sunvisors De Luxe Set of Sun Visors, see through. They look awesome, they came…
€ 29,00
Small piece of dark brown vinyl, to use as a repair panel. Small piece of dark brown vinyl, to use as a repair panel.…
€ 10,00
Ventilaton regulators P7, pair. Ventilaton regulators P7, pair.Good.
€ 19,00
Wiring harnas P7. Wiring harnas P7, I think it is complete. What you see on…
€ 78,00
Ignition lock P5 / P7, complete with key and bracket. No damage. Gentlemen or women, start your engine! Ignition lock P5/P7,…
€ 159,00
Kick panels, very good. P7 Kick panel, very good and therefore rare to find. Brown, but…
€ 59,00
Kantenschuz brown, 4 door, P7, very good. Kantenschuz brown, 4 door, P7, very good.
€ 69,00
Alu strip fuel door Alu strip on fuel door. Good, no pitting.
€ 15,00
Headlight bezel, left side. P7 Headlight bezel, left side. P7, good, no dents.
€ 25,00
Window wiper mechanism. P7 Window wiper mechanism, complete both sides. P7, very good.…
€ 69,00
Reverse lights P7 Reverse lights P7, price is per pece. Very good, but one has…
€ 49,00
Turn signals P7 Turn signals, complete, good / reasonable with patina.
€ 39,00
Rear lights p7 Rear lights P7, good, some patina. 
€ 59,00
Grille P7 Grille of a P7, very good, no dents. Someone in the past…
€ 89,00 € 39,00
Alu strip C-style P7 Alu strp C-Style,left or right. Good.
€ 19,00
Steering column cover plastic P7 Steering column cover, plastic. Very good because it came…
€ 39,00
Alu rocker panel covers 4-door Rocker panel covers, 4-door, P7 or P5. Very good, no dents.
€ 19,00