Parts catalogue Part A covering 64-67 models (p5-p7)

€ 14,90
Gross weight 1,00 Kg

Parts catalogue Part A covering 64-67 models, in English, German, French and Spanish. App. 400pages.

Part A is only about the bodywork, instrument panel, windows, doors etc. (there are more Parts op to the letter J). With all parts numbers and technical pictures. 

Now it is easy to see which P5 parts share P7 parts! Very useful!

You can order a digtal file (Pdf format) or buy a hard copt of the original book.

The book is almost complete. Only some pages about the heating system are stuck together due to moistere. These pages are also mssing in the digital version. 

If you order the hard copy I will let you know the shipping costs by email.

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