USB Charger / power source for your 6V or 12V Taunus.

€ 19,90
Gross weight 0,01 Kg

USB charger for your 6V or 12V Taunus. For use to charge your phone even in your 6V car, or use it as a power supply for your navigator in your 6 or 12V car. 

Included is a panel through USB port, for mountng in dash or in place of the original cigarette lighter (remove the complete lighter and mount the USB port in place).

The kit exist of:

- USB port plus cable (1 meter)

- Power converter.

Connect the power converter to a 12 of 6 Volt source (for safety put a fuse in between), and connect the cable of the USB port into the usb port of the power converter. Then mount the USB port with cable in your dash or in place of the cigarette lighter.


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