Mirror glass replacement set, P5/6/7 and more.

€ 34,00
Gross weight 0,10 Kg

For use with outside square mirrors only (not triangle).

You get:

- new mirror glass

- new plastic surrounding

- new spring to hold mirror in place, better then original

- new foot rubber gasget 

- new self adhesive sticker to prevent spring damaging the glass

Fits square mirrors, which are also used on P5,P6 and P7. See the pictures for measures.

A new mirror will cost you 85 Euro1

Mounting instructions see pictures also:

1. put spring in place

2. put spring protection sticker in the middle of the backside of the glass

3. put mirror in place and hold it

4. push the plastic surrounding in place. 


Only at Taunusparts.com

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