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Collectors item: 50mm Ford Foto Camera - unique! - I found this unique Ford fotocamera 50mm. It was a promo…
€ 89,00
Throttle pedals P3 - NOS ! - Throttle pedals, NOS! Only here for sale. 3 left.
€ 64,00 € 54,00
Spare fuel canister - range extender! - Excellent condition. To make your Taunus complete: spare fuel canister, excellent…
€ 169,00
lowered price!
SOLD: Spare fuel kanister - range extender I managed to find and buy another very rare spare fuel…
€ 349,00 € 149,00
Knob for spare fuel canister Knob to hold yous spare fuel canister in place. Remake of…
€ 25,00
Original Blaupunkt radio, 6Volt. What a beauty, original Blaupunkt 6V radio. I like the…
€ 390,00
SOLD: P3 Turnier rear light lens right side. Taunus P3 rear light lens, very good. Right side.
€ 45,00
Parts catalogue G13 Original, used, very rare.
€ 79,00