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NOS 15M RS Grille, unique find!!! I am excited: NEW Old Stock 15M RS Grille. Unique find.…
€ 345,00
New cap for fuse box New 3D printed cap for fuse box. Just for fun I made them in…
€ 9,50
Brake cylinder rear brake New. Brand new brake cylinder rear, price per piece.
€ 29,90
6V Horn New. 6 volt horn new.
€ 19,90
Hahaha could not resist! Hahaha could not resist buying this Taunus hat for you!…
€ 59,00
Emblems Emblemd, all good with patina, E 9.90 piece.
€ 9,90
Tube for cooling system Tube for cooling system.
€ 29,00
Steering column cover for steering column shifter Steering column cover for steering column shifter. Black,…
€ 39,00
Potentiometer for instrument light Potentiometer for instrument light. Looks very clean, not…
€ 45,00
Carburettor V6 Carburettor V6 engione, taken out of a running car.
€ 175,00
Chrome strip / alu part around lock Chrome alu strip, very good and NOS alu piece around lock,…
€ 59,00
Chrome corner parts for B- style. Very rare chrome parts for the B-style of your P7. Price is…
€ 79,00
Lamp holder for city light Lamp holder for city light.
€ 14,90
Heater valve, overhauled. Overhauled heatervalve. All new parts inside. 
€ 99,00
Heatervalve. Heizungsventil for mounting inside the car. Not leaking.
€ 49,00
Radio Blende original. Radio Blende original P5.
€ 9,95
Warn light glasses. Warn light glasses. These ones are very good. Most of them…
€ 29,00
Interior light Interior light, good.
€ 19,00
Glove box lock plus original key! Glove box lock plus original TAUNUS key!
€ 45,00
NOS rear bumper supports NOS rear bumper supports. Choose left er right. Price is per…
€ 25,00

Clastres how it was.

After a trip of about 500 km's we arrived at Clastres friday. Saturday we went to the starting line for the first run. Engine temp was 80 celcius, which is ok. But then there was a lot of water leaking. Engine overheatd before we even started. We did not make a run and towed the car back to the pits. We discovered that the electrical waterpump did not work. After disassembling the pump looked ok. At the end we discovered that a connector was faulty and not passing by 12 volt.  Easy repair, but then it hadbeginning to rain and it rained all day. The wheaterforecast for Sunday was also bad, so we decided to pack and go home. So no runs made this weekend. But we were glad that we discovered the defective pump before the run and not during the run which could have caused a lot of damage.