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Wheelhub Wheelhub, including wheel bearings and wheel bolts. Two…
€ 185,00 € 65,00
Front disks Front brake disks, no sighns of wear, just some rust which…
€ 114,00 € 49,00
Engine mounting member front Used, no rust. Cleaned, primered, and sprayed black.
€ 99,00
Extra speaker sound system extravanganza! Huh...those kids nowedays think they can make a lot of…
€ 15,00 € 9,00
Waterpump cover Water pump cover, good.
€ 19,00
All same key: Set of 2 door locks and one glove box lock. Pair of cylinder door locks with same key and one lock voor…
€ 169,00
Waterpump V4 Waterpump V4, good.
€ 29,00
Timing gear cover V4 Timing gear cover 63mm. V4 engines.
€ 48,00
Fan shroud Fan shroud, rust was removed, then new qualty primer and…
€ 149,00
6V / 12V USB charger for phone and navigator! Panel mount USB charger for your 6V or 12V car. Charge your…
€ 19,90
Offenhauser Manifold for Ford V6 2.8l, unique! Offenhauser manifold for Ford V6 2.8l motor with USA…
€ 555,00
Kardanwelle V6 or V4 - drive shaft Kardanwelle V6 or V4, I have both.
€ 169,00
Various brake parts Various brake parts.
€ 69,00 € 59,00
Ignition lock P5 / P7, complete with key and bracket. No damage. Gentlemen or women, start your engine! Ignition lock P5/P7,…
€ 159,00
Fuel pump 6mm-6mm Fuel pump in 6mm and out 6mm. 
€ 45,00
Original horn: not a screeming kitchen maid! Original horn, cleaned, sprayed black and tested (ask the…
€ 19,00
Turn signal Right - complete Turn signal complete rare Right. Glass is good and bright.…
€ 119,00
Alu rocker panel covers 4-door Rocker panel covers, 4-door, P7 or P5. Very good, no dents.
€ 19,00
Heater valve overhauling set, new only at Heater valve overhauling set: new plunger, circlips, and…
€ 35,00
Overhauled Heizungsventil - heater valve Heater valve, or whatever it's called (I don't know it…
€ 78,00
Temp gauge   temp gauge. You want it!
€ 35,00 € 17,50
Fuel gauge Maybe no longer needed in the future, but for now you stll…
€ 35,00 € 17,50
Turn indicator glas USED Turn indicator glas used, left, good. No rust on chrome,…
€ 69,00 € 34,50
Just a coil Nothing exciting to tell about this item. Just a coil you…
€ 15,00 € 7,50

We are parting out this '66 Hardtop to finance the rebuild of our P5 dragracer. Part not found in the webshop Emal me at: