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Instrument panel rechromed!! Rechromed instrument panel, like original. Not just grey…
€ 199,00
Longer wheel bolts and nuts set of 10 Set of 10 wheelstuds 46mm long incl head. (Originals are…
€ 95,00
SOLD: Clutch pressure plate V6 Clutch pressure palte V6 engines.  
€ 189,00 € 95,00
Reflektor P5 - no exchange needed. Reflector, rechromed! No exchange needed. Price is per…
€ 165,00
Gear change frame - automatic I do have 2, a larger and a smaller one. Good condition.
€ 45,00
Gear shift lever. Good condition.
€ 78,00
Dom lager
€ 80,00
Brake proportioning valve Brake proportioning valve. Mount this between the brake…
€ 35,00
Rear light left side, very good. Rear light left side, very good example. Glass is very good…
€ 65,00
Knob for spare fuel canister Knob to hold yous spare fuel canister in place. Remake of…
€ 25,00
SOLD: 26M Stabilizer rod - unique 26M used a thicker stabilizer rod then the normal versions.…
€ 249,00
Door panel black right side -reasonable Black panel right side, reasonable condition.
€ 65,00 € 45,00
Door panel black left - bad Door panle black, bad condition. But you can still use the…
€ 35,00
Front door panel 2 door left side, blue Front door panel, blue, left side to door. Good condition,…
€ 115,00 € 85,00
Rear interior panel 2 door, right. Rear interior panel, right. Plastic is good, but chrome…
€ 65,00
Rear interior panel 2 door, left Rear interior panel, left. Plastic is good, but chrome…
€ 65,00
SOLD: Front door panel 2 door, right Door panel, left. Plastic is good except for the upper left…
€ 115,00 € 85,00
SOLD: Front door panel 2 door, left Door panel, left. Plastic is good, but chrome strips have…
€ 115,00 € 85,00
Very cool!
Shifter knob Pantera style. Very cool looking! Be the coolest guy in town! Shifter knob,…
€ 14,95
SOLD: Bonnet P5 - NOS - New old stock bonnet for your P5, never used, brand new.…
€ 350,00 € 190,00
Shifter knob, new remake New shifter knob, the small one. Remake 3D printed.
€ 9,90
6V Dynamo regulator -NOS- 6Volt NOS dynamo regulator. New, never used.
€ 120,00
Must have!
Electrical scheme P5 huge format! Get the electrical scheme of the P5 Taunus 17M/20m in a…
€ 14,00
Shifter knob. Shifter knob, 3d printed.    
€ 9,90

We are parting out this '66 Hardtop to finance the rebuild of our P5 dragracer. Part not found in the webshop Emal me at: