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New cap for fuse box New 3D printed cap for fuse box. Just for fun I made them in…
€ 9,50
Mirror glass replacement set, P5/6/7 and more white or black surrounding For use with outside square mirrors only (not triangle). You…
€ 34,00
Brake cylinder rear brake New. Brand new brake cylinder rear, price per piece.
€ 29,90
6V Horn New. 6 volt horn new.
€ 19,90
Emblems Emblemd, all good with patina, E 9.90 piece.
€ 9,90
Tube for cooling system Tube for cooling system.
€ 29,00
Steering column cover for steering column shifter Steering column cover for steering column shifter. Black,…
€ 39,00
Carburettor V6 Carburettor V6 engione, taken out of a running car.
€ 175,00
Bein only! Federbein, without Feder, so it's only a Bein. And without…
€ 163,00 € 79,00
Chrome strip / alu part around lock Chrome alu strip, very good and NOS alu piece around lock,…
€ 59,00
Sale: 10 Euro parts - shockabsorbers rear P7/P5, pair, no leaking - cigarette…
€ 10,00
Lamp holder for city light Lamp holder for city light.
€ 14,90
Heater valve, overhauled. Overhauled heatervalve. All new parts inside. 
€ 99,00
Wheelhub Wheelhub, including wheel bearings and wheel bolts. One…
€ 65,00
Heatervalve. Heizungsventil for mounting inside the car. Not leaking.
€ 49,00
Radio Blende original. Radio Blende original P5.
€ 9,95
Warn light glasses. Warn light glasses. These ones are very good. Most of them…
€ 29,00
Sold: Fuse Box Fuse Box P5, very good.
€ 44,00
Interior light Interior light, good.
€ 19,00
Glove box lock plus original key! Glove box lock plus original TAUNUS key!
€ 45,00
Fan shroud Fan shroud, rust was removed, then new qualty primer and…
€ 149,00
NOS rear bumper supports NOS rear bumper supports. Choose left er right. Price is per…
€ 25,00
NOS Hook assy with assist strap - Kleiderhaken Very rare find: NOS Kleiderhaken, complete with strap. All…
€ 89,00
Fasteners for emblems Fasteners for the - Taunus emblem on the P5 fenders - P5 T A…
€ 19,95 € 9,95

We are parting out this '66 Hardtop to finance the rebuild of our P5 dragracer. Part not found in the webshop Emal me at: