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Plastic parts Horn Switch Only at 3D PLA printed parts for the horn…
€ 28,00
Radiator caps I do have 4 radiator caps: - Motorcraft 100 - Motorcraft 100…
€ 9,90
17M / V4 emblem 2 x 17m emblem, 1 very good, 1 good. 1 x V4 emblem, very…
€ 34,00
Clignoteur 12V Clignoteur 12V, 1 Euro per Volt.
€ 12,00
Radiator hoses Various used radiator hoses. Order per piece. D no longfer…
€ 19,00 € 15,20
NOS Steering rod outer adjusting tube plus rod ends. Steering rod outer adjustng tube plus rod ends, complete.…
€ 195,00
Alustrip connecting pieces (4) This is a piece of 20cm, long so you can make 4 pieces of…
€ 19,00
Window mechanism, two door Window mechanise, left side. I think it will also fit the…
€ 65,00
Door lock left or right Door lock, choose left or right side.
€ 35,00
NOS trip meter reset mechanism NOS speedometer trip meter reset button. New old Stock,…
€ 29,00
1 wheelhub without chicken. Only 1 wheelhub left, used.Only need good polishing. While…
€ 15,00
Shock absorbers rear, pair new New shock absorbers rear, 17M/20M, pair.
€ 132,00
Headlight mount unit left side Good one, no rust. I cleaned and zinc sprayed it. 
€ 38,00
Headlight mount unit left side Good one, no rust. Clips to mount glass included.
€ 45,00
Rocker shafts V6 engine Only one set left. Set of rockershafts inluding valve…
€ 125,00
Window wiper motor 6V Window wiper motor 6V.
€ 45,00
Triangle window glass only Triangle window, glass only. Order Left or right.
€ 45,00
Alu parts C style Pair, good.
€ 35,00
Oil dip stick Very usefull device to check the oil level of your engine.…
€ 33,00
Rear side windows Side windows two door sedan, left and right.
€ 89,00
Front door windows left and right sedan Front door windows left and right, clear glass.
€ 45,00
Rear window clear Rear window clear, used. For Sedan only, not HT. Note: this…
€ 75,00
Turn signal switch Lost your way? Turn signal switch, used. Picture is an…
€ 95,00 € 79,00
Door hinges Door hinge, only 1 left. pictiure is example.
€ 35,00

We are parting out this '66 Hardtop to finance the rebuild of our P5 dragracer. Part not found in the webshop Emal me at: