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Licence plate lights Licence plate lights, good chrome. Pair.
€ 29,00
Save €€€€€: Repair panel for right fender Repair panel for right fender. Never seen it before. Save a…
€ 95,00 € 76,00
Rear side windows Side windows two door sedan, left and right.
€ 89,00
Front door windows left and right sedan Front door windows left and right, clear glass.
€ 45,00
Rear window clear Rear window clear, used. For Sedan only, not HT. Note: this…
€ 75,00
Turn signal switch Lost your way? Turn signal switch, used. Picture is an…
€ 65,00
Outside mirror glasses Outside mirror glasses (4 corner outside mirrors). Used, but…
€ 14,00
Outside mirror left side Outside mirror left side. normal length. Without glass but…
€ 52,00 € 37,80
Door hinges Door hinges, used. I took them from the right side door.
€ 35,00
Front Bumper Front bumper. Chrome has some patina and light pitting at…
€ 189,00 € 151,20
Bumper Guards Bumper Guards, your Taunus is just not complete without…
€ 69,00 € 48,37
Headlight reflector Condition: used Note: little rust but usable.
€ 14,99
Headlight reflector 2 Condition: used (b/c) Little rust but usable  
€ 12,50
Taunus emblem on fender Condition: used
€ 24,99
Tail light left complete Condition: used (B) Else € 95 . .
€ 29,00
Brake shoes rear Condition: new old stock For 17M only, not Combi. Else:…
€ 69,00
Rear window Hardtop clear Condition: used, fits only Hardtop. Will ship to Europe, ask…
€ 135,00
Speedometer with trip master Speedometer 20M with trip meter. Eindwandfrei!
€ 99,00
Heater radiator Radiator for your heating system. No leaks! I cleaned and…
€ 85,00 € 69,70
Triangle window Hardtop Right side triangle window Hardtop right side (I have two see other ad)…
€ 79,00
Turn indicator glas NEW Sold Turn indicator left new old stock. Never used. Chrome…
€ 129,00
Speedometer cable manual transmission used.
€ 19,00
Motor V6 excl gearbox V6 2.0 out of my P5 runs smooth, have video to prove pick up…
€ 550,00
Gearbox manual 4spd gearbox pick up only Contact me if interested:…
€ 250,00

We are parting out this '66 Hardtop to finance the rebuild of our P5 dragracer. Part not found in the webshop Emal me at: