Chrome trim parts HT

€ 49,99
Gross weight 0,10 Kg


2. rear upper HT 105,5 cm

3. rear window left or right vertical strip HT

4. right side strip rear side window HT

5. damaged left side strip rear side window HT

6. horizontal strip piece 49 cm

8. corner front window left, partial

10. connecting piece 3d printed, must be sprayed silver metallic to match.

11. alu pieces above doors and wndows HT, heavily damaged


Connect the partial horizontal strips with a connecting piece 3d printed (10) and you have full length. See also:

 Note: part 11 is longer then 100cm are more costly to ship. Extra costs will apply, ask me before buy. I could also cut them in shorter pieces, and shpping is normal costs.


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