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Radio cover panel, new 3d printed Rado cover panel, new 3d printed. Paint it yourself.
€ 49,00 € 34,00
Radio panel, Fomoco. Radio panel, Fomoco.
€ 19,00
6V instrument light bulbs Intsrumet light bulbs, used: 6V 4 Watt 6V 2 Watt 6V 1.2 Watt
€ 0,99
Radio panel Fomoco steel Radio panel P5 or P7
€ 49,00
Alternator bracket Alternator bracket.
€ 35,00 € 29,00
Window wiper arms, stainless steel, very good. Ppair of window wiper arms, stainless steel. Very good.
€ 129,00 € 89,00
Headlight glasses left side Headlight glasses, left side. Used, no damage.
€ 35,00 € 19,90
Gear selector Sold
€ 69,00 € 39,00
Parts catalogue Part A covering 64-67 models (p5-p7) Parts catalogue Part A covering 64-67 models, in English,…
€ 14,90
Stop press: Original Abarth exhaust for your Taunus P5 / P7 / Osi and other Fords! In those days you had to have an Abarth exhaust. But what…
€ 685,00
Glove box light plus switch and wiring Glove box light, plus witch and wiring. Including free bulb,…
€ 17,50
Instrument panel, 12V, incomplete Instrument panel, incomplete, only tacho (with tripmaster!)…
€ 49,00
Instrument panel, complete 12V, clock not working. Instrument panel, complete with all instruments, out of a…
€ 99,00
Rubber gommet for tank filler neck Rubber for tank filler neck, average.
€ 14,95
Rubber gommet for tank filler neck Rubber for tank filler neck. Good.
€ 19,95
Tankgeber Fuel sender 6/12Volt. Tankgeber Fuel Sender, 6/12Volt, some rust on it. Works ok.
€ 101,00 € 39,00
Master brake cilinder repair kit Original Ford service part for power brakes, including…
€ 119,00 € 99,00
Tankgeber Fuel sender 6/12Volt. Getting nervous because you don't know how much fuel is left…
€ 101,00 € 59,00
Jack is back! Jack missing? Your Taunus is just not complete without Jack.…
€ 129,00 € 59,00
Warnblinkergeber 6V / 12V with socket. Warnblinkergeber 6V / 12V with socket. 26Watt, Peuntron…
€ 29,00
Regler NOS, 6Volt P2, P3 ,P5 Bosch 6 Volt Regler, NOS. Fits P2, P3 and P5.
€ 275,00 € 175,00
Tank sending unit, for parts or repair. This is a tank sending unit, for spare parts or to fix. The…
€ 17,50
Lampholder for "Stadslicht" In Dutch we call it "Stadslicht", and translated into…
€ 8,50
Turn signal housing new replacement New turn signal housings, left or right side. Professional…
€ 59,00

We are parting out this '66 Hardtop to finance the rebuild of our P5 dragracer. Part not found in the webshop Emal me at: