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Lunch box air filter. Lunch box air filter, fits Weber, Solex 32EEIT/35EEIT. Bolt…
€ 59,00 € 39,00
SOLD: Weber 38mm Carb Weber made these carbs specially for Ford cars. Original…
€ 379,00 € 149,00
Cylinder head gaskets set, 2.0 V6 Set of cylinder head gaskets for the 2.0 V6 engine. 
€ 64,00 € 48,00
Waterpump cover V6 Very good.
€ 44,00
Waterpump V6 engine Waterpumo V6 engine, good.
€ 57,00
SOLD: Instrument panel, complete, working clock. Instrument panel, complete with gauge and working clock. It…
€ 175,00
For Free!!!
Too late gone: Free gaskets V6 engine Yes, you are reading this correct. It is for free! Various…
€ 0,00
Glove box light Glove box light with or  without switch.
€ 19,50
Stainless steel!
Window wipers complete stainless steel Set of window wipers, stainless steel arms! The wipers…
€ 139,00
Fog light -NOS original Ford Fod light, NOS, original Ford. I think it is from a later…
€ 19,00
White lenses!
Turn signal indicators /w white lenses! A pair of turn signal indicators with white lenses. Chrome…
€ 159,00
Front springs Front springs, out of a V6. Used but looking very good, like…
€ 49,00
SOLD: Triangle window rubber left side, like new. Triangle window rubber left side, like new. Rubber is soft…
€ 27,00
Window wipers. Pair windows wipers, silver paint, new old stock. Fits p3…
€ 19,00
Chrome motor mounts! Steal the show with these chrome motormounts for V6 engine/
€ 45,00
Pedal box Pedal box. 
€ 85,00
Schmierplan (lubrication shedule) poster - new reprint. Reprint of the original Schmierplan (lubrication shedule)…
€ 7,90
Cover for rear lights Cover for rear lights on the inside of the trunk. Price is…
€ 15,00
Reflektor rear Rear reflector.
€ 8,00
Headlight glasses Headlight glasses left and/or right side. All very good,…
€ 23,00
Chrome pedal bezels with rubbers Set of the much sought after chrome bezels for the pedal…
€ 49,00
Ash tray rear HT Ash tray rear only HT. Chrome is good!
€ 29,00
Window wiper arms, set - stainless steel! They are quite rare, but I have found a set! Two stainless…
€ 139,00 € 119,00
Circuit board instrument panel P5 This is a good circuit board, with no visible repairs and or…
€ 69,00

We are parting out this '66 Hardtop to finance the rebuild of our P5 dragracer. Part not found in the webshop Emal me at: