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Waterpump V4 Sold Waterpump V4, good.
€ 29,00
Bildtafel Catalog - Quick reference guide P5 - PDF book Quick reference catalog 17M-20M. About 100 pages, and 90…
€ 14,90
Heckklappe Taunus Turnier p5/p7 Very good Heckklappe for a p5 or p7, no rust, Including…
€ 299,00
Gas pedal linkage V6 or V4 Gas pedal linkage V6, part number 438 810 for other V6 Gas…
€ 29,00
Carb plate, P5/P7 NOS Carb plate, P5/P7 NOS, also fits 15MRS P6
€ 29,00 € 23,00
Door handle gasgets, new, remake, P5. Door handle gasgets, new 3D printed. Price is per door, and…
€ 17,50 € 13,00
Turn signal housings, new, reproduction. NEW: repro seals are now for sale also! You can order them…
€ 73,00 € 69,00
Chrome moulding C style Knudsen Taunus, NOS rear left. Chrome moulding C style Knudsen Taunus with vinyl roof, NOS…
€ 129,00
V4 Distributor V4 Bosch distributor.
€ 78,00
Ignition lock and key Ignition lock including bolts, and key. End cap is also…
€ 179,00
Turnier lock mechanism rear door, rare!! Turnier lock mechanism rear door, rare!
€ 129,00
Turnier Heckklappe Griff, very rare. For p7 or P5. Turnier Heckklappe Griff, very rare. For P7 or P5. Good…
€ 199,00
Real leather classic toolbags Real leather classic toolbags. Every one is handmade and…
€ 89,00
C style interior panel C style interior panel, good. Vinyl somewhat discolored,…
€ 25,00
Radio cover panel, new 3d printed Rado cover panel, new 3d printed. Paint it yourself.
€ 49,00 € 34,00
Radio panel, Fomoco. Radio panel, Fomoco.
€ 19,00
6V instrument light bulbs Intsrumet light bulbs, used: 6V 4 Watt 6V 2 Watt 6V 1.2 Watt
€ 0,99
Radio panel Fomoco steel Radio panel P5 or P7
€ 49,00
Rubber gommet for tank filler neck Rubber for tank filler neck, average.
€ 14,95
Rubber gommet for tank filler neck Rubber for tank filler neck. Good.
€ 19,95
Master brake cilinder repair kit Original Ford service part for power brakes, including…
€ 119,00 € 99,00
Regler NOS, 6Volt P2, P3 ,P5 Bosch 6 Volt Regler, NOS. Fits P2, P3 and P5.
€ 275,00 € 175,00
Turn signal indicator glass right side. Turn signal indicator, glass only, right side. Glass is very…
€ 65,00
Alu strip rear Alu strip rear on tank. Average condition some pitting. See…
€ 19,00

We are parting out this '66 Hardtop to finance the rebuild of our P5 dragracer. Part not found in the webshop Emal me at: