SOLD: Budget double headlight set 26M

€ 750,00 € 379,00
Gross weight 6,00 Kg

The 26M was top of the line and only the 26M had double headlights. Giving it a more luxury and sportive look. Now you can give your "ordinary" P7B this luxury look at a budget price. New ones are not available and good used ones, if you can find them, are expensive.

You get:

2 bezels, overall good, some minor imperfections. See pics.

2 sets of double headlights (same ones as sold by Motomobil).


The double headlight set are universal, which means you have to do some work yourself to make them fit. You have to weld/bold some brackets on it to hold the bezels. And the distance between the two lights is half a centimeter to big to my taste so the lamp will not properly fit into the bezel. Solve this by cutting the headlamp base plate in half, remove about 4mm and weld them together again. No big deal and easy to do. 

The headlamps do not have city lights but drill a hole in it and put a connector like the T10 W5W (Ali: click here) into it. 

I can also deliver the bezels, with a used original base plate and good used original lights. Price 675 Euro. Email me if interested. New lamps also availabe. Email me what you would like to have and I can make you an offer.


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