P5 Turn signal housings, new, reproduction.

€ 73,00
Gross weight 1,00 Kg

NEW: repro seals are now for sale also! You can order them together withthe housings. For info Click here.



Those old signal housings are now more then 50 years old and most of them literally fall apart....

Taunusparts.com offers a modern solution: 3D printed turn signal housings with a modern fitting. 

They are professional printed out of nylon, which is a very tough material. It won't break apart.

The fitting is attached to the housing with a bajonet connecton, making it easy to replace  a lamp. It is also waterproof.

If you go for the original ones,  you have to pay at least double the price, if you can find them..........

More then 150 sold!!



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