6V /12V usb charger for phone or navigator

€ 19,90 € 9,90
Gross weight 0,10 Kg


Panel mount USB charger for your 6V or 12V car. Charge your phone and or navigator, and as said also for your 6V Taunus. Which is unque and only here for sale!

The charger can be mounted within a hole in your dash or else of only 22mm. This means it also wil fit into the hole of your cigarette lighter. As we don't smoke anymore, we don't need those lighters anymore.

The housing itself is 3D printed. Personally I find it exciting to combine modern things like 3D printing with old cars. In 1966 they had only 2D typewriters! 

Color is all dark grey, just for the pciture I printed some colorfull ones.

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