HT emblems!

€ 249,00
Gross weight 1,00 Kg

HT emblems, professional 3D printed. Looking great. Own text possible, otherwise text is "hardtop" (more or less the same font as original).

The material is nylon, and the surface has a finish like fine sandpaper. See text below hwo to smoothen it.

Price is for the set, left and right.

Emblem seals click here.

The emblems in the picture are for a HT with a V8 in it!

Contact me for the text you want on it.

The finish is somewhat like fine sandpaper. The material is nylon (actually nylon powder which is printed together). But there is a good way to get a very smooth mirror like finish using expoxy (or fiberglass resin which is cheaper and better available). Just brush the epoxy on the surface (not to thick otherwise details will disappear), wait till it is hardened and then you can sand is down to a smooth finish.

You can buy it here for example:


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