New cap for Abblendelicht relay.

€ 24,50
Gross weight 0,10 Kg

New remake of the cap for the Abblendelicht relay. The material is flexible like the original.

You get: new remake of the cap, 5 connectors to use with existing wiring.


Instructions for installing:

1. push the original wires through the new cap. To seal it properly this must nog go easy. Use some WD40 will help or make the hole just a tiny bit bigger. You could also seal it with some silicone kit, from the inside.

2. strip the wires about a centimeter

3. clamp the connectors on the wires using normal clamp tool, or solder them (better)

4. push the connecter in place, this takes some force

5. congratulations, you can now mount your new cap on the relay!

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