Fender right side P5, very good!

€ 450,00 € 390,00

A couple of days ago someone saw this fender and asked me if it was a new one.....

Fender right side of a P5, very good condition. I removed all paint to bare metal, no rust, no welding needed. I only removed a dent at the front and used only little tin as filler.

I rust proofed the bare metal with Fertran, and then applied a thin layer of black piant out of a spray can. Ypu have to do the smoothening before painting yourself. I did not use any body filler.

I also carfeully removed the rust proof stuff on the inside and also treated it was Fertran and then painted it with a brush.

This is a very good fender. Don't look further.

Shipping Europe is 60 euro. Outside Europe plse email me for exact shipping costs.

Hot sell!

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