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Proudly presenting: Remake of 26M double headlamp bezel/lamps!!

€ 275,00
Gross weight 0,10 Kg

After much work and thinkings about it, I now have the remake of the 26M headlight bezel ready for ordering. 

It is made of strong nylon plastic, and can be painted in any color you want. You need to do some preparations yourself before painting or you can order them professionally painted silver with two component paint.

They have exactly the same dimensions as original.

They are not cheap, because of the fact market is small. But originals are no longer available.

Now about prices: price is 275 Euro per set left and right.  You have to paint them yourself. The painted with 2 pack sliver paint is 100 Euro extra.

Order with or without the Motomobil double headlight replacement sets (only sell it as a pair). 99 Euro piece. See their site for produkt info:

 A word about the Motomobil sets: it is a universal set which means you have to make some modifications. For example: you have to make some brackets yourself to mount the bezel. But that is part of our hobby and makes fun.

I personally think that your Taunus looks far better with these double headlights. Gives it a fresher and more luxery look. 

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