6V / 12V Led lamp set P5 / P7

€ 39,00


Yes, even for your 6V Taunus we can deliver a conversion set.

The set contains:

2 front turn signal Led lamps, orange leds

2 rear turn signal Led lamps

2 rear brake Led lamps

2 rear Led lamps

Leds look much better even on old cars. Normal lamps needs ome time to light up, but leds have instant power. They use less power then normal lamps, and that is important for old cars. Besides that they have are very durable, because they have a liftime up to 50.000 hours!

We have them for sale even for your 6V Taunus.

Note: I do not have them in stock yet, so delivery time is app. 2-3 weeks at the moment.




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