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Sold: Speedometer cable Speedometer cable, app . 1.30 Mtr.
€ 18,00
SOLD: Budget double headlight set 26M The 26M was top of the line and only the 26M had double…
€ 750,00 € 379,00
Sold: Koni shocks adjustable defective I have a pair of Koni shocks for sale out of a p7. Part…
€ 35,00
SOLD: Lunch box air filter. Lunch box air filter, fits Weber, Solex 32EEIT/35EEIT. Bolt…
€ 59,00 € 39,00
Sold: Fog light -NOS original Ford Fod light, NOS, original Ford. I think it is from a later…
€ 19,00
White lenses!
SOLD: Turn signal indicators /w white lenses! A pair of turn signal indicators with white lenses. Chrome…
€ 159,00
SOLD: Reflektor rear Rear reflector, only one left.
€ 18,00
SOLD: Brake booster ATE T51  Brake booster ATE T51, good condition.
€ 259,00 € 185,00
SOLD: Watertank for window washer plus chrome holder Very nice bottle but the niciest is that it has a crome…
€ 65,00
SOLD: Steering column cover blue steer shifter Steering column cover Blue - steer shifter. Including chrome…
€ 65,00
SOLD: Hi Low Beam Relay 6 volt. Hi Low beam relay 6 Volt for p5 / p3. Abblendelicht…
€ 45,00
SOLD:Aluminium rear panels Set of aluminium rear panels, very good, even better then on…
€ 85,00
SOLD: Window wiper arms Set of window wiper arms.
€ 19,00
Sold: Window mechanism 4-d left and right front door. Window mechanism 4-d left and right front door. Out of a…
€ 79,00
lowered price!
SOLD: Spare fuel kanister - range extender I managed to find and buy another very rare spare fuel…
€ 349,00 € 149,00
NOS part
SOLD: Rear window locking handle - NOS Rear window locking handle - NOS. Most of them are after…
€ 69,00 € 49,00
SOLD: Air filter seal to carburettor air filter seal to carburettor.
€ 9,90
sold: Reverse lights P7 Onkly one left. Very good, but some light damage on the…
€ 19,00
SOLD: Cirkulationsrör for cooling system Tube for cooling system.
€ 29,00
SOLD: Braces rear springs Braces rear spring, got all 4.
€ 12,50
sold: Window guiding rubber Window guiding rubbers, 2 pieces app. of 50 cm. Out of a 4…
€ 10,00
SOLD: It's magic: 6V to 12V converter! This little device converts 6V to 12V. Magic! Now you can…
€ 19,90
SOLD: V4 emblem, like new V4 emblem, like new.
€ 17,50
SOLD: Set of seat belts rear Set of seat bets for the passengers on the back seat. You…
€ 99,00

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